(2016) (Short)                 End-in-Itself  (Post-Production)

(2017) (Short)                 Player Two  (Post-Production)


(2014) (Short)                 Never | Odd | Or | Even   (Complete)

(2015) (Short)                 Take Out   (Complete)

(2015) (Music Video)     Sunrise  (Complete)

(2016) (Short)                 End-in-Itself   (Post-Production)

(2016) (Short)                 Tommy's Rules  (Complete)

(2017) (Feature)             Katt & the Kitty   (Development)

(2017) (Short)                 In Memoriam   (Pre-Production)

(2017) (Short)                 Trapped Under   (Development)

(2014) (Short)                 Never | Odd | Or | Even   (Complete)

(2016) (Short)                 Adapt   (Post-Production)

(2017) (Music Video)     I Don't Wanna Live Forever (Post Pro.)

(2017) (Short)                 In Memoriam   (Pre-Production)

(2017) (Short)                 Verity   (Post-Production)

Screenwriter. Cinematographer. 




(2014) (Short)                  Never | Odd | Or | Even   (Complete)

(2016) (Short)                  End-in-Itself (Post- Production)

(2016) (Short)                  Tommy's Rules (Post-Production)

(2017) (Music Video)       I Don't Wanna Live Forever (Post-Pro)

(2017) (Student Short)    Love Risks (Post-Production)

Along with freelance cinematography, and co-finding Equinox Cinema, Ryan also works in television & radio at a CBS corporation affiliate in Philadelphia, PA. 

At 22-years-old, Ryan has a vested interest in doing what he loves. Video production, script writing and other parts of the filmmaking process are passions that he lives for. He has a background in many media types (radio, film, television, and news print copy) with an act to continue to learn. 

Ryan currently volunteers his time as a 4th year film evaluator for New Jersey high school students, as part of The 10 Day Film Challenge judge's panel.

Experience with CBS television and radio at Philadelphia, PA. (#4 television market & #8 radio market). Production Assistant 2013 - present. 

Many clients, jobs, and festivals later, Ryan, continues to look for opportunities to better himself and his filmmaking career, meeting & networking with new talented artists.